(intimacy with): once

a one off session for support, clarity and inspiration // (no ongoing email support) // 1hr // skype or facetime // £150

(intimacy with): monthly 

3 sessions per month and ongoing email support for whatever is arising  // 3 hrs total // skype or facetime // £400

(intimacy with): intensive

6 hours of ad hoc coaching spread over the month and full email support // 6 hrs // skype or facetime // £600

the ongoing mentoring dialogue

2 x 30 minutes sessions per month 

skype or facetime // £100 (3 month minimum then monthly rolling commitment) 

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the ongoing mentoring dialogue is for you if

you have a ton of insight already, you have access to all the 'tools' and have been inquiring in the inner landscape of your being for a while

you feel like you are not embodying those insights a lot of the time.

you would thrive more with an unconditional mirror to walk along the path with you, to check in with when you are not sure, looking for direction...or if you need a reflection for a moment.

you want reminders of what you already know and to be held to your highest values and integrity whether in your personal, professional or 'spiritual' life. 

lisa is a deeply authentic and serene spirit who has graced my life through yoga and coaching with a deeply present anchor. we place the buoys in my life to enable me to face any current. this, together with her absolute comfort with being a fallible human being like the rest of us, makes her a forever cherished part of my week
— SR, long-term private client

(intimacy with): questions? you can message me here

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