i asked my friends what my top three qualities are...this is what they said: 

listening, advising, being open, thoughtful, loving, funny, determined, sunshine-y, inner diver, passion, integrity, openness, gentleness, making the mundane beautiful, courageous, loyal, full of charm (my mum said that, does it count?) joyful, presence, truth, sensitive, caring, intuitive, kindness, manifesting, enthusiasm for life, looks for the best in people, happy, energised, lightness of being, compassionately honest, collaborative, open to hilarity, willingness, receptivity, mental flexibility.

(i recommend taking this survey with at least 20 of your friends, storing all the emails and reading them when you are feeling like shit).

i asked my ex husband what my top three worst qualities are...

he is procrastinating due to the volume of choices. 

so in the meantime here are my predictions

entitled princess, naively idealistic and self obsessed.

my offerings

are grounded in experience with two decades of study, a lifetime of curiosity and a fuck ton of practice.

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5 things worth mentioning:

1. pure desire is the most elegant navigational tool for this life. it's what makes you feel alive, the spark in your heartyour bliss.

it will often ask you to step into discomfort because it's trying to free you from the conditioning which has you imprisoned. 

2. there is no escape from our old wounds being triggered. what we can do is use our tools to navigate them so that we are fully feeling them all and harvesting their revelations. every wave that we truly feel without hiding or running is another layer shed and a step towards deeper intimacy with all.  

3. we must have reverence for the full spectrum of emotions. if i learn how to receive my own emotions i can learn how to receive yours... and if i don't spend my time protecting, blocking and resisting emotions (yours and mine) then we can truly connect. 

4. the pure joy of living is to bring out the most genuine parts of ourselves, to allow ourselves to be seen and bravely surrender the masks that we present to the world of the 'appropriate' and 'love-able' part of ourselves. 

it's this surrender that i am passionate about. 

5. when we find more intimacy with the present moment, we find that everything we need is here, now. we can be free from trying to manipulate our experience, trying to feel this instead of that...and fall in love with all of reality exactly as it is.