(intimacy with): inner inquiry

what do you already know to be true that you are not fully admitting to yourself?

...and can we be grateful when things are incredibly challenging, when we are sick, when things aren't going our way, when it's not quite "there" yet, when we're waiting for something to get "better"?

"it'll be easier when..."

deferring ok ness to an imaginary future?

its a bit of a habit isn't it...

practice with me....(breathing....) 


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more, not less, of you

more, not less, of you

we exhaust ourselves wearing masks for people who (we think) wouldn't hang out with us if we didn't wear those masks, so we're wearing masks for the people that we don't want to hang out with! how about gradually removing those masks and seeing who stays? those are the ones who really get you and really love you. 

as ram das says - we are all just walking each other home. 

be a light