get into your temple // whatever works

i'm in india on a coach tour of some 'sacred sites' in maharastra, which is a strange choice for me on a number of levels but my beloved is running the trip in honour of his mother's 70th birthday... and since i love him and like nothing more than to be by his side, here i am. 

why strange? well. firstly i like to follow the pulse of life wherever it wants to take me and being on a coach tour with 35 other people in rural india doesn't leave much space for that...

and...well...what is a sacred site?! to me this patch of grass i'm looking out on is as sacred as sai baba's temple, this reception area, pumping out 'my heart will go on' sax instrumental version on a loop. yes. even that. 

it''s not as though i'm having a deeply poignant experience in every single moment... but i could be. we all can be. 

in any moment there is within it an invitation to deepen the attention, to artfully go deeper into the fabric of reality.

it's resting in this place that i describe as turn on. intimacy with life. 

there's a practice that is known in meditation circles as 'second attention' where you focus on a chosen element of your being (it can be a part of your body or your breath) and whilst keeping your attention there, take your secondary attention to another point - this can be a multitude of things, your heart, a white light at the pineal gland, a blue light at the heart and so on. 

my second attention is more often than not at my pussy. she knows what turns me on and i don't mean in a specifically sexual way. this is a way i move through the world, with her as my rudder. i can notice the smallest details of her sensations at any given moment and use that as a way to really feel what is going on in and around me. 

i walk into an art gallery and take it all in, walking fast through the rooms until one piece grabs me...i can feel a wave through my body, the intention, the sensuality, the aliveness of it all. i don't need to know the year the artist completed it, or his or her name. i don't need to know anything. i'm just there, turned on by the beauty of what i am absorbing, a deep intimacy with life. it can be an art gallery or it can be wholefoods. same same. 

now this is my temple. right now, deeply connecting with the essence of life. my temple is portable, which is handy because i always seem to be on the move. yours is too. 

and...and and and... there are places that take me deeper, more potently. for many in this culture it is the 'actual' temples. 

i've been ruminating on this more since we have been dropping in on darshan at a few temples on the road here in india. of course there is a feeling of community and history, i'm loving watch the crowds as they move through their ritual, some doubtless with some sort of prayer in their hearts, walking the same paths as many thousands have before them and in some cases i'm sure millions. 

for me, the fast track places are the music venues, standing right by the sound system, vibrating with sound. it's the place where i meet my beloved. it's the connection with my friends, whether celebrating or down in the doldrums, it's the top of topanga canyon, it's on wimbledon common, it's in the shower singing. it's on my yoga mat. 

it's good to know those fast track places and return again and again to remember.

whatever works.