i'm the one that cries in savasana

i'll always remember the very first yoga class i ever went to. i cried the whole time and i mean, the whole time. i lay down at the end, swimming in the perfection of it all, salt water collecting in my ears, with the words 

i am home

i am home 

i am home

resonating inside me. 

rumi says

'if you want peace and purity, melt away your coverings. this is the purpose of emotion, to let a streaming beauty flow through you. call it spirit, elixir, or the original agreement between yourself and god. opening into that gives peace, a song of being empty. pure silence.'

and we must! to see every emotion, full spectrum, as life moving through us, as goddesses to bow down to, bringing each one flowers, as all part of the whole, an invitation deeper into the fabric of life itself. 

how do we do this? 

there are a multitude ways to dive deep into every emotion and find acceptance, everything included. 

this is how i talk to my 6 year old son about it.

he tells me "i am angry" and i ask him to listen to how it feels in his body. then i ask him to drop the "i am" which leaves the anger. then i guide him into simply feeling the energy moving in his body and forgetting even the anger itself, breathing fully the whole time, watching the idea, the story all about why the anger is there dissolving away. 

it works so well that when i'm experiencing strong emotions he's the one that reminds me to switch my attention.  

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