get into your temple // whatever works

get into your temple // whatever works

there's a practice that is known in meditation circles as 'second attention' where you focus on a chosen element of your being (it can be a part of your body or your breath) and whilst keeping your attention there, take your secondary attention to another point - this can be a multitude of things, your heart, a white light at the pituitary gland, a blue light at the heart and so on. 


(intimacy with): inner inquiry

what do you already know to be true that you are not fully admitting to yourself?

...and can we be grateful when things are incredibly challenging, when we are sick, when things aren't going our way, when it's not quite "there" yet, when we're waiting for something to get "better"?

"it'll be easier when..."

deferring ok ness to an imaginary future?

its a bit of a habit isn't it...

practice with me....(breathing....) 


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(intimacy with): you. unedited.

have you ever made a list of things about yourself that you find unloveable and then sharing them with someone that you trust?

and then watch them laugh at the fact that you ever thought that was a big deal?

let them loving all your parts, all the madness of you, lead you back to loving yourself.....

it's quite a lovely thing to do. 

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let your practice be your life

let your practice be your life

have you ever been in a big sad deep hole? was there a soundtrack to that time in your life? even just a song? 

i was on my yoga mat today when a song came on my playlist that i had listened to a few years back on a loop. yes, i can be a little obsessive about music when it feels like a key that will unlock some emotion and this one was the master key in one of my life's most intense periods. 

we are not so separate, you and me.

we are not so separate, you and me.

when i feel sadness, i can connect to all the other beings past, present and future that have felt sadness. in truth, we all feel the same things. whatever i'm feeling, you have felt or will feel too. feeling everything fully connects us to the whole. 

more, not less, of you

more, not less, of you

we exhaust ourselves wearing masks for people who (we think) wouldn't hang out with us if we didn't wear those masks, so we're wearing masks for the people that we don't want to hang out with! how about gradually removing those masks and seeing who stays? those are the ones who really get you and really love you. 

as ram das says - we are all just walking each other home. 

be a light