The Dancing Universe and Bhav Collective present // Untamed
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The Dancing Universe and Bhav Collective present // Untamed

a day of movement and inner inquiry in service of your freedom. 

the flow of the day //

// untamed asana for those who know where to place their feet and just want to be in the bhav (cloe and lisa) // 

why? we invite you to trust your body, to move lead by an inner spark not a need to 'get a pose right'. this is innate in every single human being. look at the way a child moves instinctively to a rhythm. this is in you. we close with a dynamic meditation practice. 

// inner inquiry - coaching for the inner landscape - how to be free. (lisa) //

why? underneath all of our conditioning we are already free. peel away our conditioning and there we are. we share ways in which we can understand our programming and traits so that we can live from a deeper place. 
what does your deeper being truly want? we find out...

// ...into a wild and liberated free form dance to fucking great music. (cloe)  // 

why? it is an invitation to embrace your hidden places and express yourself from a place of integration. 

asana. movement. contemplation. meditation

free from

nit picky alignment cues

over analysis


we will gather in at the end of the movement to integrate with innovative and creative meditation practices, inner inquiry. 

to find out more about your guides, click here for cloe and here for lisa 

price: £60 before january 4th, £75 after.

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