(intimacy with): life //1 day intensive


january 2016- london, uk (date TBC)


join us for an immersion into your honest and raw self. 

you will:

learn to release your grip on the stories you tell yourself  //  understand why your life repeats certain patterns //  find rocking reframes for old beliefs that weren't really yours in the first place  //  connect deeply with the community around you  //  play, embrace your silliness and laugh a lot   //  melt the edges of your rigid ideas and projections that keep you stuck in life  //  get clearer on the role of shame and guilt in your life and turn the volume down on it.  //  discover ways to keep your agreements with yourself  //  learn how to cultivate healthy relationships (with yourself and others)  //

you will reclaim the energy that you've been investing in a whole load of made up stuff and feel light and joyful.

(that's to do with the reclaiming energy part - now you can re-route it to feed your own intrinsic creativity and connection with all things). 

we do this through: 

group and individual sharing and coaching // some movement practices accessible to all // 

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