(2002 - present): over 1000 hours of ongoing yoga teacher trainings, yoga mentoring with appleyoga, pre and post natal trainings with birthlight, over 400 hours of assistantship and trainings with shiva rea, samudra school of living yoga, over 1000 hours of ongoing life coaching training.

(2002 - present): over 5000 hours of teaching and coaching and over 10000 hours of energy movement and traditional meditation practices. 

(2007 - 2008): life coaching mentorship and practitioner training with charles bentley. 

(2011 - present): creation and delivery of the appleyoga pre and post natal yoga teacher training. 140 new teachers accredited and counting...

(2012-2013): a further 1.5 year long life coaching practitioner training with an internationally renowned life coaching company.* 

*after finishing their training they wanted me to coach according to their specific framework and i thought their methodology left out some vital components. i honour their work and the training transformed my work and life...however i couldn't remain within the confines of their system. 


'lisa is a deeply authentic and serene spirit who has graced my life through yoga and coaching with a deeply present anchor. we place the buoys in my life to enable me to face any current. this, together with her absolute comfort with being a fallible human being like the rest of us, makes her a forever cherished part of my week.'

sr, long-term private client (she has a really baddass job so i can't publish her full name. but she is real)

'lisa is my yoga teacher and spiritual mentor - spend just an hour with her and you’ll feel full of light, life and energy."

sarah chapman, beauty guru / entrepreneur

sessions with lisa combine a great technique, lisa's wisdom, and her incredible passion for inner work. it is something that I have never experienced before. lisa's sessions have enabled me to learn so much about my body and my mind. through practice she inspires me to look deeper into myself to find my inner core. after some time I became more grounded and more confident. lisa herself is such a charismatic person with incredible radiant energy that she generously passes to her clients through her practice.  each session is different and depends on my needs at that moment. i am always able to fully relax into it and get the most out of our sessions.  for me it is truly a healing process which always leaves me very relaxed and rejuvenated.’

lada komarova, fashion designer

'at the studio this weekend we did the most incredible workshop with lisa larn. she is an unbelievably graceful and gracious, open and giving woman. lisa imparted much of her knowledge and expertise on how to identify and break down our “shadowy” character traits, which then allows us to lead a more liberated and happy life. that is a very brief summary haha! doing gentle movement and making our individual journeys inward guided by lisa, it became so obvious what is holding me back from being truly free. maybe it is even these character traits that encourage certain types of suffering. and if that’s so, how do we evolve and release the need to suffer or play out drama? it’s the slow process of identifying when they pop up and then being able to understand the triggers and put them on a leash. fascinating stuff!!'

raquelle gracie, yoga studio owner, yogini, blogger, mother

She is so funny and smart and looks great naked
— Anon
That lady really does like her chocolate. It makes her relatable. I’d pay her just to hang out with me. And sometimes i do
— Also Anon. What, am i crazy?
Is there nothing she can’t do? Wait. is that a double negative? I’m confused. I mean she can do anything. Well. Some things. Like. She does a great impression of her dog talking.
— Ok. That was me. I'm making them up