coaching can support you to:  

find specific ways (that are unique to you) to heal from trauma and repetitive patterns.

honour all feelings as life moving through you. 

change deep grooves of behaviour and conditioning into ones that help you thrive

(it's called alchemy). 

finely tune your attention, touching the still point inside you, every day.

learn to navigate life by listening to the inner pulse. 

that means you stop questioning with your mind what you should do next...

there is a clear and obvious flow to your life because you trust it.

accept all of it...the problems and the wonderfulness...because everything in life is made up of the same stuff. 


see that the answer to every single question we have in life is to...awaken...

...remember who we are... 


the options:


(intimacy with): once

a one off session for support, clarity and inspiration // (no ongoing email support) // 1hr // £108

(intimacy with): monthly 

3 sessions per month and ongoing email support for whatever is arising  // 3 hrs total // £250

(intimacy with): intensive

6 hours of ad hoc coaching spread over the month and full email support // 6 hrs // £450


the ongoing mentoring dialogue

2 x 30 minutes skype / facetime sessions per month 

and ongoing support between sessions via email // 1 hr // £100 (3 month minimum then monthly rolling commitment) 


the ongoing mentoring dialogue is for you if

you have a ton of insight already, you have access to all the 'tools' and have been inquiring in the inner landscape of your being for a while

you feel like you are not embodying those insights a lot of the time.

you would thrive more with an unconditional mirror to walk along the path with you, to check in with when you are not sure, looking for direction...or if you need a reflection for a moment before making a decision. 

you want support without necessarily being 'coached' all of the time, although we will sometimes do that too, you just want reminders of what you already know.

you want to feel held and heard...connected...intimate with life. 

sessions are on skype / facetime.

you will receive highly attuned, focussed and present support, free from dogma 



the calls are approximately 60 minutes long though each situation is unique so calls times may vary. 

you can click here to prepay, then send me an email with 3 potential time slots that work for your life and which country / time zone you are in.

i will get back to you within 24 hours (monday - friday). 

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the prices above apply if the flow of money is abundant for you. 

if you are not so comfortably employed / a single parent, email me for a 25% discount.