as you're sitting reading this right now, things probably seem just fine...your friends and family think your life is going well... you act pretty happy most of the time and it would seem ungracious to complain about anything. 


something seems off. out of balance. if you were to admit how nuts you feel to anybody around you they would be surprised. (or they would probably be relieved as maybe then they could admit to feeling the same). 

are you beating yourself up for not being grateful / spiritual / evolved enough? let's stop this cycle of struggling like crazy people to 'find' happiness. it's not out there at the end of the book or workshop or yoga mat. nor is it at the end of this course...and...

we can discover who we really are by unravelling some of the bullshit that obscures it from view.  

are you open to... 

  • hearing what your true desire is saying and then discover clear and specific techniques to use that desire as a navigational tool in your life.  

  • connect deeply with your enough-ness and get intimate with your inner critic (the voice that tells you how crap you are at everything). get clarity on your belief systems, personality traits and limiting strategies so that you can turn them around in service of your most fully lived life. (psst - it will make your relationships better).

  • learning a potent technique to feel your feelings fully instead of spending your life fearfully trying to avoid them. (this is the key to eating and behaving mindfully by the way).

  • discovering ways to thrive no matter what is happening in the content of your life by embodying truly simple, actionable and innate heartfulness practices. (otherwise known as meditation).

the course format...

the weekly themes...

i'm still taking enrolments from those who want to enjoy the course content and are coming to us late - so i've opened registration up until the course is complete. latecomers can catch up at their own pace. 

questions? check out the faqs at the bottom

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* i mean it. if the flow of cash is tight right now and you would like to do the course, get in touch. vulnerability has its rewards. 



what are the options again? 

early bird - before 20th october - £80 for the course // £145 for the course and an hour of 1-2-1 coaching at a special rate of 40% off. 

if you register between 20th october and 2nd november it's £100 for the course // £165 for the course and coaching. (still at a special rate of 40% off my normal private coaching rate) 

how much time do i need to give to this course? 

each call is an hour long. the additional audio / videos are between 5 - 15 minutes each and you can use them to support your practice as many times as you would like. the written homework can take between 5 - 60 minutes and beyond, depending on how detailed you want to be. so, allow around 2 hours minimum per week. 

what are the timings of the sessions? 

the sessions will be held at 7 - 8pm UK time (click here to check the time in your zone) on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of november 2015. recordings and follow up online sessions will be posted one day after the live calls. 

what if i can't make the live calls? 

it's totally fine - you can send any questions you would like addressed in the live calls ahead of time and you will be sent a recording within 24 hours.  

can i keep the course content? 

yes everything is downloadable and you can keep it for all time...

what is the refund policy? 

if you complete and send back all the written assignments and have listened to all the calls and you still feel that you have not received value from the course, please write to me to explain and i will issue a full refund. i won't give a refund if you haven't fully explored the benefits of the course, which cannot be experienced unless you have been present for the calls and have fully engaged in the written work and practical exercises. please be sure that you will have enough time (2 hours at least) per week to engage with these offerings before you sign up! if you are not sure then please contact me here to have a chat.

will this course be issued again? 

this is an entry level course leading to a more intensive program in early 2016. i don't know if it will be released again in this form so if you would like to do it, now is your time!