..is the willingness to be exactly as i am without getting upset if someone isn't ok with who i am. i'm finding this requires a balance of radical mindfulness and radical authenticity. in other words...being kind and honest.

i really know my character traits and my kinks inside out and upside down so i am not ruled by them. 

i recognise that i am perfect with room for growth. just the way i see my best friends.  

i understand what turns me on and lights me up so i can fill my own cup. it's just best if i do that myself instead of wanting someone else to do it for me. (just. doesn't. work.)

i'm super skilled at checking in with myself and truly feeling what i want and need.

i am so intimately and deliciously in love with this life that is breathing me that nothing that is expressing itself from that place could ever be wrong. no wrongness exists. 

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what if i don't have to seek out intimacy with you and actually it's all about dissolving all the strategies and patterns that i learnt when i was a teeny kid (to get love and acceptance) so that the beautiful intimate being that i am can emerge?

we are all gloriously crazy and neurotic beings and because i know this, i can bin the promotional, appropriate version of myself so now i get the chance to really be loved for who i am. 

we are designed for connection, this is who we really are. 

this means that every single one of us, when asked if we are in a relationship has a life-given right to say YES. i'm in a beautiful and unique relationship with every single person in my life. 

imagine a life where every part of you is allowed (the shadow and the light) and we can be imperfectly perfect together. 

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 i remember that life is sculpting me, illuminating me generously and ushering me back into wholeness at all times. 

...so the intimacy is trusting life, not fighting or trying to control it. 

i am here for this...now...where everything happens. 

pleasure. pain. yuck. divine. 

i am present without judgement. i trust. 

i am intimate with the feeling fabric of it all. 

 everything i feel has to be in the moment. anything else is a warped memory, a recollection or a future projection...and even that recollection is happening IN THE MOMENT. so, there we have it. anything. always. ALWAYS. is happening now. 

well...just try to not to be present! it's not possible. where else would you be? you are always in the now.

so the point is to go deeper into what is now and have more intimacy with it.

everything you could ever want is here. 

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i am not looking for the perfect life. i have an intimate relationship with uncertainty. 

this path isn't all soft and sweet. (god, how i often wish it was...) it's for warriors who aren't scared of the truth, a sort of strength that embodies grace and ease;  those who are irrepressibly whole, not fearing but feeling our discomfort. 

we already know that spiritual curiosity does not lead to shiny happy perfection. this isn't how it works.

your life isn't going to get fixed. (let that settle for a while).

but it can be raw, intimate, painfully vibrant and alive. 

we come to have reverence for the full spectrum of emotions, situations and experiences. 

it's about thriving no matter what life throws at you. 

it's about the inner YES. 

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